Dear Lonely Boy

So I was scrolling through my news feed (on Facebook), and something(s) caught my eye. A friend of mine constantly posting about how he’s lonely because he’s not in a relationship. Then and there I realized that’s exactly how I feel (except I don’t go around telling everyone on the internet). And although I am very tempted to talk to him about it, I think it’s best for me to let it out here (besides I don’t know him that well). Maybe, if fate will have it, he (or someone else who needs it) will read it. Be warned that this is not one of my typical posts.

Dear Lonely Boy,

I know we barely know each other, but there are some things I gotta say. I’ve noticed what you’ve been posting lately and it concerns me. Though I really do understand where you are coming from, posting about it all the time will get you nowhere. It will also just make you look like someone who’s desperate to be in any relationship. If you want to stop being so lonely, first actually talk to people. You had a huge opportunity to talk to me and you barely said 3 sentences. Man up if you want to meet people.  Second, don’t go posting about how you want to be in a relationship. That will attract the wrong kind of people (and your concerned grandmother). It also gives out the wrong message, like you would go out with anyone and everyone. A person with no standards is someone I know I don’t want to date. Third, you have to realize that you are in middle school, bud. I can honestly say 99% of middle school relationships don’t mean anything and/or don’t last. Do you really want something that’s pretty much just a title? Also, a lot of high school relationships don’t work out either. Though you may be getting closer to a relationship truly meaning something in high school, you are still a ways off. Fourth, you have to realize what dating really is. I really didn’t know myself until just recently. I see it as preparing yourself and your boyfriend/girlfriend for a future spouse. That’s why a lot of people don’t seriously date until college. That’s when they are considering having a husband or a wife (and sometimes are not even 100% ready for one then). So if college kids, who are no doubt more mature, aren’t ready for a future spouse, how do you think you are? Sorry I’ve been sort of harsh, but I feel like if I’m not it won’t get through your thick skull. So just keep hanging in there, okay? You’ll find someone who will appreciate you when the time comes.

Signed, A Girl Who Is Gonna Start Taking This Advice Herself


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